Manor House of Vilacentinho in the Douro
North Bank of the Douro River

The Manor House of Vilacetinho in the Douro is a dream property dating from the 18th century, and it is one of the most historical and charismatic places of the region of Marco de Canaveses, where it is located.

The extensive property is divided into three key areas, starting with the Solar House known for Vilacetinho, with Coat of Arms, an area of 40.000m2 and a scholarly garden. It is fully restored on the outside.

The property is still made up of Quinta de Ventozelas, the small property within the main property where there is the house ready to move in, and fully equipped. It also includes gardens, tennis and soccer fields, sauna, indoor and outdoor pools, and fruit orchards, in a total area of 26,000m2.

Finally, it includes the Winery and the vineyards, and the whole wine business with capacity to produce 1.2 million liters, and nearly 3 million bottles. The vineyard occupies an area of about 30 hectares, with the Pederna, Avesso, Azal and Loureiro grapes dominating, and being the base for the "Casa de Vilacetinho" White Green Wine which is exported to countries such as USA, Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Angola, Brazil, the Netherlands, Australia and China.

The cellar area also has an event hall with capacity for about 600 people, a bar area with an outdoor deck to accommodate receptions and wine tastings, and a fully equipped industrial kitchen.

Located in the North Bank of the Douro River, in the most southerly zone of the Green Wine Region, the property is dominated by green woods and vineyards, which gives it a heady air. It is a perfect place to escape stress and day-to-day racing, to feel the tranquillity surrounded by gardens and fruit orchards, and overlooking the Douro River.